I have to confess that initially I had some trouble with cyberpunk. Gibson's Neuromancer was the first I read, and it took me about five times as long to read as other SF novels. The language was a little easier to navigate in the Mirrorshades short stories, but it was still demanding. I think that's why cyberpunk was short-lived, and why we'll never hear its language in a movie. By the time I was getting the hang of it, Gibson had moved on to steampunk, which was more accessible but not as interesting, IMO.

One final word in defense of Elysium. All the things the ladies say are true, but can you name one SF summer movie from any year that does NOT have a lot of explosions? It's the dues Hollywood pays to get funding and distribution and whatever else is needed...audiences have come to expect a lot of big booms. Most summer movies are about the flashy F/X, but Elysium is truly ABOUT something, it makes a statement. That's what makes it special.