Hello, mizprkr. Sorry you haven't caught Jarod yet.

Yes, there will be more stories with Callie in Port Wolfe, but not immediately. I want to write one in a few months (after I wrap up what I'm working on now); but it won't be published for at least a year after that, probably longer. The publishing industry is not known for its speed.

"The Reluctant Op" is the result of a writing project I was involved in with other writers. We were putting together an anthology of mystery stories similar to the "shared world" anthos in SF; all the stories were to take place in our fictional Port Wolfe. (We even had a street plan of the place.) Each of us had a major character, and there was crossover among the stories; the leading character of one story would have a small part in another, etc. It took one hell of a lot of planning. The woman Callie goes to for help in tracking down the registry of the Sofia was one of the other writers' major character; the man on night duty at the Bass Agency that Callie reports to was another.

But we couldn't sell the anthology. The editors we submitted the ms. to liked the concept, but the sales departments, in every case, said no -- for whatever reason was fashionable that month. Very few editors can make autonomous decisions any more; it's the sales people who decide what gets published and what doesn't.

So in the end we just agreed to try to sell our stories individually. And that's why "The Reluctant Op" appeared in Ellery Queen.

Jon, I completely missed your upstream question about the writing project; I hope this answers it.

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