TAR had its usual strenuous first leg, and already I'm wondering if any of those teams is going to win. Kind of a sorry bunch of racers.

A question for those of you who get DirecTV. Recently I've been getting two new channels, Pivot (which showed a Farscape marathon yesterday) and Audience (which shows 24 on Tuesdays without commercials). Since TV providers don't give anything away, I'm assuming that before long those two will be bundled with two or three junk channels and offered as a package for an additional fee. What I'd like to know is whether this is a local thing or if those two channels are being shown nationally. Audience is Channel 101 and Pivot is Channel 267.

On a more serious note, both NBC and CNN have abandoned projects about Hillary Clinton because the Republican National Committee voted to ban both networks from coverage of the 2016 presidential debates.