We don't need SPOILER mode any longer, do we? I imagine everyone's seen it who's going to. I just want to add that I'm in agreement with everything said above; in spite of its flaws, Gravity is well worth seeing. Also, it's the second recent movie that has made me think of SG-1 (the first was Elysium). Remember the episode in which the Prometheus was fired upon by an unknown ship and Carter hit her head and passed out? When she came to, she found she was alone on the ship; the entire crew had evacuated to the nearest planet, not knowing she'd been left behind, unconscious. She had a concussion and had to fight against falling asleep, especially when she learned the Prometheus and the other ship were both trapped inside some sort of bubble and couldn't move. She coped with all that by hallucinating that Jack and the others each came to her and said what she needed to hear to keep her going (and eventually figure out a solution). Sandra Bullock was in a similar situation, and she hallucinated/fantasized George Clooney showing up when she need help. In both cases, the fantasy appearances were products of the women's minds, reminding them of things they already knew.