No, actually I don't love Gluck. smile I sort of admire him, but it's a cold kind of admiration.

Yes, I don't love the bel canto era in general, I guess. I can enjoy a Rossini comic opera if done superlatively well (e.g. with Joyce DiDonato and Juan Diego Florez on hand), though even there as we near the finale I feel, like Mr Bennet, that "I have been delighted long enough." And it disconcerts me to hear the same vivacious, hilarious style applied to grand noble dramas like Semiramide. On the other hand, he was beginning to transcend that in his last operas, like Count Ory and William Tell. He was really going interesting places then, and I thoroughly enjoy those. (And then he stopped, of course.)

That style is where Verdi began, of course, but he too was pushing at the boundaries, almost immediately, and moved into his own thing. Or so I feel, anyway.