Since my published work has all consisted of stuff in newspapers and other periodicals (as opposed to hard or soft covers) I can only add that many times when what I had written really pleased me, it usually seemed to please the readers (and ocassionally to offend the kind of people one LOVES to offend....if everybody liked it you had to figure they were missing the point).

I know, though, that all authors run into editors, as I occasionally did, who are determined to alter sentence structure and sometimes content. I ended up changing some things back when I put them on the web.

I once took a poetry class in which the instructor was given to taking your poem and rewriting it in his own style.

I didn't mind being told to "refine", but I really resented getting papers back with a completely different poem, keeping little more than the title, and being told "This is what your poem should say."

How the hell did he know?

Incidentally, the worst piece of editing (or censorship) I ever ran into was a poem I wrote during one of the high gas price times, including something about gas prices being

so scary
They're only in reach of Jackie and Ari

The final lines, as best I can recall, were
something about staying home and kissing and hugging:

It's cheaper that gas is,
And, as for OPEC, they can kiss their Onassis

The poem appeared in toto in the first edition of the paper. All subsequent editions were missing the last line, which was deemed "not suitable for a family newspaper."
Botticelli Moderator