*snort* I always admire a piece of clever wordplay, meself, rather than try to censor it. Fairly good chance it woulda gone straight over most readers' heads anyway, sadly.

As noted in the current Botticelli game, I'm on a Rex Stout rereading binge. The current set of reprints has "a little something extra" to them, such as slivers of Stout's correspondence to his publishers.

In the back of Please Pass the Guilt is a letter addressed "To the Viking Copy Editor" which reads, in part,

"Dr. Johnson said it: 'Such excess of stupidity is not in nature.' So you think Archie Goodwin should write and talk like a grade-school English teacher? Having written nearly three million of his words I know quite well how he handles them. Not a single word of the changes you suggest makes any sense. ... If I am hurting your feelings, that's fine. They certainly should be hurt."

Piers Anthony once reprinted one of his books with all the copyediting intact...as well as all his own personal opinions about the copyediting, which actually made for far better reading than the book did.