Ed Williams, courageous soul that he is, has started a print-on-demand publishing company called The Scrivenery Press. Ed will be publishing some new books but mostly reprints of works that have gone out of print. These will all be trade paperback editions, selling in the neighborhood of $15.

And guess what the first book is that the Scriv is publishing.

A new cover and a new ISBN: 1-893818-01-2. (M. D. Lake once said that he figured the reason his books didn't make the bestsellers lists was that he kept getting bad ISBNs.) The book is listed in Ingram's catalogue and can be ordered through local bookstores and from the major online booksellers. Of the latter, books.com is offering it at the lowest price -- $13.51. This is print-on-demand, remember, so you won't be likely to find the book on the shelves of a bookstore -- unless the owner ordered a few copies for display. This way of publishing books is still so new that no one really knows how it's all going to shake down.

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