Well, books.com now seems to be offering it at $16.90 (that's 5c cheaper than their rivals, according to their "compare prices" feature.

I was wondering what books.com charges to ship to the UK? I couldn't find a way of discovering their rates without actually ordering something! Maybe I'll be better off with amazon.co.uk.

One interesting thing about the books.com site is that they list out-of-print titles, such as Barbara's Met Opera books. I wonder how successful they are at obtaining such things?

As well as reading Barbara's "blathering" about the book, I used the search facility on this section of the board to turn up people's collective comments on GKS - all hidden away under topics with completely different subject-lines!

Actually, I was reminded of this topic the other day when an American friend of mine said that, when faced with the choice of Eisenhower or Stevenson in a presidential election (1952 or 56, was that?), she
wrote in a vote for Pogo! She comes from a very left-wing family, by the way - her brother was named Eugene, after Eugene Debs.