Re: Pogo

I still have my I Go Pogo button from, I think, the 1956 campaign....I don't think he was a candidate in 1952.

For the rather high percentage of you who don't remember back that far. The li'l possum ran a pretty good campaign (or his fans did....I am not sure Kelly initiated it.)

Re: Books on demand

This is the first time I've heard of this. But immediately I can see how it would be a good idea. No publisher will take a chance on something that isn't going to sell a reasonable "first run." Maybe this is the answer for the quality stuff that doesn't have popular appeal and so never gets published...a few copies printed and sent to reviewers to beef up the demand, of course.

Also good for reprints of things like GKS....thanks for letting us know, Barbara.
Botticelli Moderator