David, Ed Gorman told me the people behind mysterypages.com (EQ, AH, Mystery Scene) were unhappy with the results of the old set-up; they weren't getting many hits, and there was a problem with the webmaster (a pleasant guy, but his work was sloppy). So they decided to revamp the whole thing and go with excerpts from the three magazines as teasers; no more original stuff written just for the site.

But it looks as if Mystery Scene is breaking away from the other two. EQ and AH have hired some web design outfit, and I think what's up now is only the beginning of the revamped site -- the links don't work yet, the graphics don't load. When they've finished, I'm sure that link to "An important message from Mystery Scene" will tell us where they've gone. I'll be interested in reading that myself.

And you've just reminded me that I need to remove the column link from my page.