I realized after looking back through posts that I made a comment that sounded like I thought Kelly was an air-head. Of course, she's not - she just gets perceived that way, which was why I was thinking blonde.

I never quite bought Hayes or Lansbury as Miss Marple. Even though I like both actresses. I think it was because they both have a certain liveliness of nature, that you just *know* these women have been married. Their personalities are just too attractive. Miss Marple (in reading) was always so primly withdrawn.

That's what Joan Hickson conveys so beautifully. That surface withdrawal so much a part of an elderly maiden lady of the period. And yet, she also displays that very knowing quality of Miss Marple.

My favorite moment of Hickson in the role - this is off the top of my head, so I can't remember which story it was - is when the police inspector, the one that doesn't like her, is talking to his undering about the village setting and has referred indirectly to Miss Marple. Something about her interfering, I think. Anyway, he's just described her as a cobra. Immediately, she comes up some stairs behind him, sees him, her blue eyes wide open, with that knowing smile, and says "Ooh. Hello, Inspector."