He barely mentions the convention, and not by name. But the man's a Nero Wolfe fan, and that speaks well for him.

That bit about Americans being more "docile" about airline delays made me laugh, though. A couple of weeks ago NBC (?) News was running a series of items about passenger outrage. It's gotten so I really dread plane trips any more. When my son and grandsons came to visit, their plane got in five and a half hours late -- it's an hour and a half flight from Boston to Pittsburgh. And that same weekend my DIL and granddaughter went to a wedding in Rochester, which is even closer to Boston than Pittsburgh; they got in at three in the morning instead of their scheduled arrival at 7:30 the evening before. Air travel is out of control.

And I just noticed BJ (whom I'd been bugging to get online) posted here THREE MONTHS AGO...and I didn't see the message until now. Oy, oy, oy.