The only relationship this has to BPaul's work is that I didn't find any (as usual) on the shelf at Waldenbooks, when I stopped by to pick up some reading material to carry to Australia.

I do most of my book selecting at the library (where there are lots of Barbara's books available) or the BookTrader in PHL (ditto, unless Jon got there first!), which I was afraid I might not have time to visit, so I was amazed to discover how many names new to me were on the mystery shelf. The other thing that was surprising was how many of these "new" writers seem to involve cats in their sleuthing.....I guess the success of Lilian Braun's "Cat Who" and Rita Mae Brown's "Sneaky Pie" series has turned loose a flood of cat detectives (does anybody write about dogs....other than Asta, that is?)

I was also a bit startled by the going rate for paperback mysteries (yes, Barbara, I know writers have to eat like everybody else).

I set myself a limit of $5.99 per book and sort of stuck to writers I know. What was surprising was that when I got home and looked at my choices I had THREE that had medieval backgrounds: A Cadfael I had not read (and I'm betting that's the inspiration for this trend), a Margaret Frazer and one by a Seattle-based writer I am not familiar with, Candace Robb.

The fourth book is by another unfamiliar name: Carolyn G. Hart. It appealed to me because it has a "retired newshound" (female) for a sleuth and takes place on some island off the Carolinas, two things with which I can identify.

Not surprisingly, all four are by women writers.

Oh, yes...I bypassed the latest by "Margaret Truman" ever since I found out that Harry's girl doesn't really write her own books! I've never been too crazy about her work anyway. But that's another thread on another forum. (Deleted I think.)
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