([Carolyn Hart] had an earlier series about a married couple that ran a mystery bookstore.)
I read the first few of those, passed along by a mystery-loving friend (the one who thinks Barbara wrote He Huffed and He Puffed and He Turned Blue). Very agreeable reading for summer, but suffering as the series continues from the Jessica Fletcher problem -- just how many murders can we believe a nice ordinary person can run into?

Has that series definitely ended, then? (I didn't really keep up with it after 3 or 4.)

I'm always nervous about critiquing writers here, by the way -- with all the excellent writers we have on the board, I figure I'm bound to find myself criticizing someone's best friend. (On the other hand, the same thing happens to me in reverse on some of the musical email lists -- my buddies getting trashed for their record producing or composition or whatever -- and I manage to be philosophical about it; so maybe I worry too much.)