This is so trivial a matter that it embarrasses me, but it's bugging me no end. I'm trying to decide whether to put the text of my "Titles from Shakespeare" pages into boldface or not.

I'm going to increase the font size (that's for my benefit; my eyes aren't as good as they used to be), but the larger font magnifies a problem with "regular" type, and that is the wiggly appearance of some of the letters when they're italicized. The letter l, for instance, doesn't go straight up and down but sort of waves along its path.

So I've put up one version of each way for 2 Henry VI (chosen because its list of titles is short), and I'd be grateful if y'all would take a look:
At first glance, the "regular" page is more eye-appealing, until you look closely at the letters. Look especially at the ls in Kill All the Lawyers. Boldface corrects that wavery look...but I'm thinking perhaps it's too bold, too in-your-face. I've stared at those two pages so long I'm no longer sure of what I'm seeing. I'd appreciate your opinions.

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