I don't subscribe to EQ, so you'll post here when you know what issue it's in?
Oh, count on it, Lorna.
Still no sign of the shared world anthology finding an interested publishe?
We gave up on that, Julia, a long time ago. Back before GEnie went kaflooey. It's dead, dead, dead.
And happy May Day, six days late.
Same to you, Chris. For a long time May Day was a source of mild embarrassment for me. I once was one of a gang of little girls in long dresses and flowers in our hair; we were handed streamers attached to this big white pole in the ground and told to "Duck under, pass over." We screwed up. The middle and bottom part of the pole had that nice plaited look that well-wrapped May poles are supposed to have, but the top was a mess.

That was then. Now, May 1st just means it's time to break out the Advantage.