John W. Waterhouse: Cleopatra

Cleopatra: I'll set a bourn how far to be beloved.
Mark Antony: Then must thou needs find out new
heaven, new earth. (I,i)
  • Joyce Carol Oates: New Heaven, New Earth
  • Labienus --
    This is stiff news -- hath, with his Parthian force,
    Extended Asia from Euphrates. (I,ii)
  • Catherine Aird: Stiff News
  • My salad days,
    When I was green in judgement. (I,v)

    Henry Tresham: Antony and Cleopatra

  • C. P. Hawkes: Salad Days
  • Julian Slade: Salad Days
  • Bellamy Partridge: Salad Days
  • Bettye Knapp: Salad Days
  • Francoise Sagan: Salad Days
  • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.: The Salad Days
  • Christopher Idone: Christopher Idone's Salad Days
  • Patricia Mitchell: Salad Days: Super Salads & Delicious Dressings
  • Ursel Norman: Salad Days: A Collection of European and American Salad Recipes
  • Attendants: The music, ho!
    Cleopatra: Let it alone; let's to billiards: come,
    Charmian. (II,v)
  • Constant Lambert: Music, Ho! A Study of Music in Decline
  • Dale Griffin & Jack White: Come, Let Us to Billiards Away
  • Let's have one other gaudy night. (III,xiii)
  • Dorothy L. Sayers: Gaudy Night
  • Give me my robe; put on my crown; I have
    Immortal longings in me. (V,ii)
  • Ursula Leigh: Give Me My Robe
  • Ben Ames Williams: Immortal Longings
  • Dissolve, thick cloud, and rain; that I may say,
    The gods themselves do weep! (V,ii)
  • Isaac Asimov: The Gods Themselves
  • With thy sharp teeth this knot intrinsicate
    Of life at once untie: poor venomous fool
    Be angry, and dispatch. (V,ii)
  • M. P. Shiel: This Knot of Life

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