Globe Theatre

The eagle suffers little birds to sing,
And is not careful what they mean thereby,
Knowing that with the shadow of his wings
He can at pleasure stint their melody. (IV,iv)
  • Bruce Fergusson: The Shadow of His Wings
  • Gereon Karl Goldmann: The Shadow of His Wings
  • Gilbert Morris: The Shadow of His Wings
  • Alberta Gonzales: Shadow of His Wings
  • Willa Gibbs: The Shadow of His Wings: A Search into the Riches of Christian Life
  • If there be devils, would I were a devil,
    To live and burn in everlasting fire,
    So I might have your company in hell. (V,i)
  • Jonreed Lauritzen: The Everlasting Fire
  • But, gentle people, give me aim awhile. (V,iii)
  • Irwin Shaw: Gentle People
  • Era Zistel: The Gentle People
  • Henry Colin: The Gentle People
  • Joe Wittmer: The Gentle People
  • James A. Warner: The Gentle People
  • Anthony P. Buckley: A Gentle People

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