Most Popular Titles


This list will keep changing as more titles come to light. But as of

9 October 2007

the top twenty Shakespearean titles are those listed to the right.

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Popular Titles

(122) Full Circle (from King Lear, V,iii)

 (54) All That Glitters (from The Merchant of Venice, II,iii)

 (37) Mind's Eye (from Hamlet, I,ii)

 (31) All Our Yesterdays (from Macbeth, V,v)

 (30) Sweet Revenge (from Othello, V,ii)

 (29) Sea Change (from The Tempest, I,ii)

 (26) The Quality of Mercy (from The Merchant of Venice, IV,i)

 (26) The Seven Ages of Man (from As You Like It, II,vii)

 (23) To Be or Not To Be (from Hamlet, III,i)

 (22) Much Ado about Nothing (from Much Ado about Nothing)

 (21) The Undiscovered Country (from Hamlet, III,i)

 (20) Country Matters (from Hamlet, III,ii)

 (19) The Evil That Men Do (from Julius Caesar, III,ii)

 (19) Rosemary for Remembrance (from Hamlet, IV,v)

 (19) Outrageous Fortune (from Hamlet, III,i)

 (18) Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (from Macbeth, IV,i)

 (18) The Play's the Thing (from Hamlet, II,ii)

 (18) Cold Comfort (from King John, V,vii)

 (18) Children of the Earth (from Hamlet, II,ii)

 (17) Perchance To Dream (from Hamlet, III,i)