The Winter's Tale
Augustus Leopold Egg: A Scene from "The Winter's Tale"

(Allusion to title)
  • Ivor Herbert: Winter's Tale: Study of a Stable
  • Caroline Hillier: Winter's Tales for Children
  • Isak Dinensen: Winter's Tales
  • Michael Foreman: Winter's Tales
  • Jonathan Winters: Winters' Tales
  • Kathleen George: Winter's Tales
  • (Allusion to character in the play)
  • Hyder E. Rollins: The Pack of Autolycus
  • There may be in the cup
    A spider steep'd, and one may drink, depart,
    And yet partake no venom. (II,i)
  • Joseph Shearing: The Spider in the Cup
  • A nest of traitors! (II,ii)
  • Gordon Ashe: Nest of Traitors
  • I am a feather for each wind that blows. (II,iii)

    Florizel and Perdita
    Charles R. Leslie: Florizel and Perdita
  • Beverly Butler: Feather in the Wind
  • Madelyn Galbraith: Feather in the Wind
  • Doris Foster: Feather in the Wind
  • All I know of it
    Is that Camillo was an honest man;
    And why he left your court, the gods themselves,
    Wotting no more than I, are ignorant. (III,ii)
  • Isaac Asimov: The Gods Themselves
  • (Allusion to a stage direction in III,iii.)
  • Franklin Walker: The Seacoast of Bohemia
  • Nicholas Freeling: The Seacoast of Bohemia
  • Why, then comes in the sweet o' the year;
    For the red blood reigns in the winter's pale. (IV,iii)
  • Ray Palmer Baker: The Sweet of the Year
  • Are summer songs for me and my aunts,
    While we lie tumbling in the hay. (IV,iii)
  • Oliver St. John Gogarty: Tumbling in the Hay
  • A merry heart goes all the day
    Your sad tires in a mile-a. (IV,iii)
  • Frank Swinnerton: The Merry Heart
  • Samuel F. Mendelsohn: The Merry Heart
  • Helen Raymond Beals: The Merry Heart
  • Ramona Graham Cook: The Merry Heart
  • Robertson Davies: The Merry Heart
  • He hath ribbons of all the colours i' the rainbow. (IV,iv)
  • Jiang Zilong: All the Colours of the Rainbow
  • The gods themselves
    Humbling their deities to love, have taken
    The shapes of beasts upon them. (IV,iv)
  • Isaac Asimov: The Gods Themselves
  • If this be magic, let it be an art
    Lawful as eating. (V,iii)
  • Leslie John Heward: If This Be Magic
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