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"Shakespeare Minus One"

Shakespeare Minus One
Future entertainment: holographic productions of plays from which one or more parts can be dialed out so amateur thespians can perform the roles themselves. A Midsummer Night's Dream in your living room, and you can play any part you like.

The story concerns a young man who invites five people to his house to participate in a holographic production of Hamlet. His purpose: to learn more about his father's death.

"Shakespeare Minus One" will be published by DAW in October, 1999, in Future Crimes, edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg; ISBN 0-886-77854-9.

"Eleemosynary, My Dear Watson"

Eleemosynary, My Dear Watson
My second Sherlock Holmes story. This one has a jewel theft, a kidnapping, an abandoned Salvation Army building, and Chinese Christmas carolers. Part of the story is set in Limehouse -- Limehouse as it used to be: slums, lowlife, and danger.

Since David Dvorkin inadvertently supplied me with the title of my first Sherlock Holmes story ("The Sleuth of Christmas Past"), I invited him to come up with a title for this one. He did.

"Eelymosynary, My Dear Watson" will be published in October, 1999, in More Holmes for the Holidays, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg, & Carol-Lynn Waugh; Berkley, ISBN 0-425-17033-0.

Good King Sauerkraut

An experiment with print-on-demand. Ed Williams's new Scrivenery Press is reprinting this third book in the Marian Larch series (you can read about it here) as a trade paperback. The book will be available through bookstores; more details as I learn them.

Good King Sauerkraut will be published in August, 1999, Scrivenery Press, ISBN 1-893818-01-02.

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